Monday, July 13, 2009

Introducing the TwinsCentric Trade Deadline Primer 2009


After weeks of culling over the rosters and sifting through minor league systems for teams throughout baseball, John Bonnes (, Seth Stohs (, Nick Nelson ( and I are proud to officially announce the release of the only document that provides in-depth analysis and unmatched commentary on the forthcoming trade deadline from the prospective of the Minnesota Twins.  We have centralized all information necessary to prepare yourself as a Twins fan for the chaotic nature of the deadline. 


Inside this 65-page, 30,000-plus word reference book, you will find a detailed look at the Twins four main areas (Infield, Outfield, Starting Pitching and the Bullpen) from the majors on down.  We have identified the needs and where the Twins have excess.  Each section provides keen insight and observations.  We have inventoried all potential Buyers and Sellers and have divvyed up there possible trading chips – outlining how each player might impact the Twins in both the second-half of 2009 and beyond.  Furthermore, we have provided an up-to-date report on the Twins’ farm system and an extensive outlook for the organization’s payroll for the next two years. 


This is a collaborative effort of some of the finest, most proficient writers in the Twins community.

I cannot say enough good things about the consummate professionals in John Bonnes, Nick Nelson and Seth Stohs


John is one of the original Twins bloggers (in fact, some of his earliest posts are still archived on the cave walls) and has been one of the biggest catalysts for the ever-changing blogging community.  His efforts at GameDay have grown from an outside selling on the street-corner across the way from the Metrodome to being published along with the Twins official scorecards that are still written by bloggers today.  Without his industry pioneering and, let’s face it, cajones for taking on the Minnesota Twins, some of the opportunities for us writers would not exist. 


Nick has been supplying analysis and commentary for the Twins since 2005.  His wit and words on the team are unrivaled. As the only J-school trained writer among us, his site is a pleasure to read every morning. 


Seth has provided unparalleled coverage of the Twins’ system since 2003, producing interviews of Twins prospects from the GCL to Rochester, giving fans an early introduction to the players that may one day be in Minnesota.  This is an unbelievable service.  While the local media does a decent job covering the current on-field product, there is a void that exists when it comes to the prospects.  Seth has dedicated millions of words to ensuring that Twins fans are receiving all the information that isn’t carried by the two local papers.


For those that continue to stop by day-after-day, week-after-week for entertainment and insight, we encourage you to purchase the Trade Deadline Primer so that we can offer special content, not available anywhere else. 

If you still have hesitations regarding the e-book, feel free to email me ( or all of us ( and we will send you a five-page PDF free sample to review in addition to offering your money back if you feel unsatisfied after your purchase.  It is a nominal fee at $9.95 – the price of buying us a pitcher of beer as a way of saying thanks. 


Again, thanks for the support and readership over the past few years.