Sunday, February 19, 2012

A new home

I started this one-room crap-shack of a blog all the way back in 2006 out of boredom and in need of a baseball outlet. The original intend was not to entertain or attract a significant audience or even advance a writing career. I simply wanted to keep myself busy with my favorite passion.

You see, we had just had my daughter Avery and had taken a new position in my company that would send me on the road quite often. Without much to do in far-flung Marriott Courtyard in some largely suburban community, I saturated myself with as much baseball knowledge as I possibly could on statistics and how they can be applied to the game I loved so much.

But enough about what I do in hotel rooms alone.

Frankly, I enjoyed doing the research – asking myself questions and seeing if I can use data to determine answers or provide insight towards the game. Somewhere along the way, other people began to enjoy my research or writing or whatever because people starting crowding in to read my posts on a regular basis.

I was fortunate enough to meet some outstanding Twins bloggers in John Bonnes, Nick Nelson and Seth Stohs (among others) only to discover that we all had the same passion and/or self-destructive behavior for providing free Twins content on the Internet. We formed TwinsCentric to pool our collective talents together to provide content to the Star Tribune (also for free).

But, man, what a hassle for you, the reader, right? I mean, each morning, stops at my site, Seth’s site, Nick’s site, that weird site with photos of farm animals dressed like people, the Star Tribune’s TwinsCentric site and then, if you had time, John’s site. With all that surfing you figure we must be costing your companies a ton in lost wages as you spend from 8 AM to 1:28 PM -each day going from Twins blog -to-Twins blog.

So, while the Occupy Wall Streeters continue to tear down big corporations, we at TwinsCentric plan to assist the poor, defenseless coporations – at the very least, by attempting to get their lost wages back. Starting today, the TwinsCentric team is launching a new endeavor,, your source for not only informative and entertaining posts from your four favorite Twins bloggers but also a place to discuss and debate with other Twins fans.

With forces joined, we figured we could at least save the good people of Cyberspaceville the annoyance of making multiple stops along the information superhighway. Now you can lap up all the Twins news, content and chatter you want in one spot -- just like an Old Country Buffett with an open bar.

So, oddly enough, I am going to miss this shack. It’s the one I took care of for six long years and honestly, not very well. After all, I never actually gave it a real URL. Still, I will not be more than a click away as I will be posting at my new location within the Twins Daily site (found here). Additionally, all my archived posts will remain up here at the old site just in case you want to scroll through the posts and tell me how wrong I was back in 2010 when I called Glen Perkins washed up (plenty of crow eaten on that one).

Thanks again for stopping by this old girl. See you at the new home.

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