Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tonight: Span or Repko in center?

Today, I assisted's Carson Cistulli in answering the question: Who should start in center, Denard Span or Jason Repko? 

For this particular instance, I favored Repko over Denard. Certainly with the Rangers starting the left-handed killing machine in CJ Wilson combined with Span's need to readjust his approach, today merits the opportunity to give the starting center fielder a night off.

However, there is a contingent of voices in Twins Territory that are crying for a more permanent switch. Because of Repko's defensive prowess and sudden offensive surge in his limited capacity, there has been rumblings to bench Span in favor of Repko altogether. This, of course, is absurd.

Admittedly, Span is in need of some respite, as he has been flummoxed by opponents who have altered their approach by firing strikes early in the count when data/scouting showed Span didn't swing. Repko, while playing effectively in small doses, does not have nearly the same skill set that an effective Denard Span has when it comes to leading off. The right-hander manages to strike out in over 25% of his big league plate appearances leading to a .300 OBP in his career. That just won't cut it in the lead off spot. The Twins need Span's presence at the top of the order and they need him to make adjustments quickly. 

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